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Inspect the ramp before you install it to see if there is any significant wear or obvious deformations.

The ramp should still be held in place using the two small hex keys that you inserted when you removed it. Place the camshaft sensor cap onto the intake camshaft.

When the tensioner comes out, it is spring loaded, so be prepared for it to pop out when you release the tension with your socket and driver.

With the left sprocket installed, install the center plastic chain guide and torque down the long bolts that hold it in place.

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For the purpose of instruction here, we'll assume that you have your cylinder head installed on the engine block, the crankshaft is locked at Top Dead Center (TDC), and your two camshafts are locked using the BMW camshaft locking tool.With the guide in place, reinstall the top chain tensioner.These tensioners sometimes fail, but there really isn't a good method for testing them.Also inspect the inner mounting slots to see if there is any wear from being loose at one time. Make sure that the mounting holes located on the camshaft flange are visible through the slots in the sprocket, and also make sure that the holes are biased towards the left side of the slots, as is shown by the red arrow.

It may require some maneuvering to get the sprocket into it's proper position.

It's important to use this tool, and not to rely solely on the spring-loaded tensioner - it does not provide enough tension when the car is sitting to accurate time the camshafts.