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As a result, they have come to mistrust the Canadian legal system and will avoid it when possible.

Even when they do have to deal with it, we find that they simply minimize their exposure to it.

Also, it is clear that while Aboriginal peoples have many of the same legal problems as non-Aboriginal people, and some unique ones as well, they do not turn to the legal system to resolve them.Additionally, courts are not always a good forum for the resolution of many of the conflicts involving Aboriginal people and, indeed, can be counter-productive.This has to be considered along with the fact that there is an unwillingness by Aboriginal people to utilize the justice system to resolve personal legal problems as they arise, particularly those of a civil or family nature.It is valid, in our view, to ask from where that poverty and those social conditions came.

Ovide Mercredi, an Aboriginal lawyer and now Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Canada, told us on behalf of Southeast First Nations at Berens River, "It is our conviction that the denial of our collective rights have substantially contributed to the serious problems in our communities."For Aboriginal people, the essential problem is that the Canadian system of justice is an imposed and foreign system.

Many of its terms and concepts defy translation into Aboriginal languages.

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