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31-Jan-2020 16:17

Give CAB a ring or hopefully someone on here can put you in the picture a bit.Probably a worry you didn't need at the moment, divorce is bad enough as it is. My legal cost at the mo is 5000 and the case hasnt closed yet still have to go to court next month which means ongoing visits to see him, phone calls etc.I say be careful because its a minefield and the law is an ***!So by that I mean don't assume that because you're getting legal aid everything will be free, it often isn't.Apparently the solicitor says, i'll be doing well if i got 70% which is what we are going to court for. If you dont mind, how much have you got to pay back?

I am afraid you do have to pay it back it is put as a charge on the house so when u sell they get their money.

I remember reading on here recently that someone was advised that (in your circumstances) when they were to sell the house, they would need to pay back the legal aid fees then.

I hope Netmums get CAB or someone to come along and let you know for sure x Thank you Michelle, gosh even if i do make any money with the sale of the house it may not cover my legal costs.

Hello Hannah Wow it must have been a shock receiving the bill/notice for 5000 for your legal costs Have you spoken to your solicitor today to ask him to explain more about the bill and whether they have or plan to put a charge on your property? The ex has been representing himself and has been doing quite well out of it and now it looks like im paying for him to make a mug of is it ridiculous?

Hannah, I'm going to ask one of my colleagues from the CAB to take a look at your thread. why should legal support be free if you have money in property?All cases are different so its best to get a clear picture from your solicitor first, I'm just going by what happened to me, I needed legal aid to help me fight to keep my home after my ex went bankrupt, my case wasnt family law whereas yours is, the legal aid cover you're entitled to could be different.

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