Accommodating non compliant browsers Filipino naughty chat

14-Nov-2019 13:45

Though rich in creative potential, such technologies suffer from lack of broad accessibility, and fail to provide for common needs such as bookmarking, printing, copying and pasting, and other tasks web users must perform on informational and transactional sites.

In response to these problems, The Web Standards Project (Wa SP) was formed in 1998 with the goal of promoting core web standards and encouraging browser makers to do the same, thereby ensuring simple, affordable access for all.

Many developers who knew about standards saw no point in developing sites for browsers that did not support them.

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These technologies, which we call “web standards,” are carefully designed to deliver the greatest benefits to the greatest number of web users while ensuring the long-term viability of any document published on the Web. Designing and building with these standards simplifies and lowers the cost of production, while delivering sites that are accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices.

This wasted money as well as bandwidth, and often generated sites that stopped working in the next generation of browsers (and never worked at all in alternative browsers or devices, from screen readers to Lynx to handhelds to less popular browsers such as Opera).