Accommodating to

08-Aug-2020 12:17

Most of them have parents working at the hospital, though the center is open to the community as well, Thompson said.

Parents can have lunch with their kids, or can just drop in to observe, he said.

The organization’s research, advocacy and services focus on women and girls, so the center must “practice what we preach,” she said. (baby at work) and girl expert, Mila, has gained a bit of fame.

Employees are happier when they know their company is supporting them, said Stuart Thompson, vice president of human resources for Memorial Hospital.

Thank you again for being so kind and really accommodating to work with the entire time.

All our photos are truly amazing with the pop of yellow in the flowers and the shoes…came together.

[email protected] Zayets works at her computer while feeding her four-month-old daughter Mila at the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center.

The foundation has allowed Zayets to make accommodations so that she can juggle her job responsibilities with motherhood.

Such family-friendly policies for new parents in Jacksonville seem to be rare, but employers that offer benefits such as baby at work and on-site childcare say they’re important for employee well-being, satisfaction and retention.