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thats why i dont use yahoo anymore because when you send a message it also sends IP address and data information in the has a better encryption system so everything isnt just plain text. but anyways, i could go on and on about the insecurities of networking and social media but unfortunately everything else i know is very complex and i dont feel like typing it out.Also, I'm fairly certain Skype won't share your IP with people you're just IMing. If this guy want team, first what he want is adding to Skype. " "I can tell you what you need to know through the chat thats why its here" "YOUR A NOOB JUST ADD ME ON SKYPE SO YOU CAN HELP ME" "Dude... Noobs are people who are new, I am not new-" "Troxerten21 has signed off." "Really." O_OLol You left out a thing about how just by getting your username they can then get your ip address (your internet) and then shutdown for however many hours they like they can also get tons of the personal info by hacking into your stuff! Nobody can shut down your internet other than someone who has physical access to your router/hardware, or the cable company. You can fix this by resetting your router which takes around 30 seconds :) Theres a switch on the back that turns it off just flip that and keep it off for 30 seconds, the flip it back on.If you allow people who are not in your contacts to call you and make sure the box stating "allow direction connections to your contacts only" is checked under Tools Connection, Skype will hide your IP when calling people not in your contact list thus allowing you to use Skype to voice chat in games with people you've just met relatively safely. And problem, because I don't have Skype O_O So, without Skype my life in Pv P server looks like this- Respawn- But I seriously see a lot of new players who go, "I need help" "Okay" "Add me on Skype so you can help." "Um... BECAREFUL Trust my internet has been shutdown about a few hundred times You clearly don't know a ton about computers. I do this when I get ddosed/dosed And the chances of even getting ddosed are low, as it requires more effort than it's probably worth on the part of the attacker. I see occasionally people who will just ask random people to add them, and give out their username in the public chat.Apparently, they haven't read this blog yet :) Also note that these don't happen on a daily basis, it's what Unless you message someone it, its gonna have to go into the public chat... I don't wanna sound paranoid but there's some pretty crazy people out there that will take that username, look it up on the internet and trace you down...then you're fucked At skype you can easily find the ip of someone but an ip is nothing provided you are behind a good firewall and your ISP proccesses it correctly the only thing they would be able to trace is your ISPs server and to get the physical location from that you need to either work for the company or the goverment.

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If you're a younger person (child, young adult, etc.) I would think, or hope, that you have a parent that you speak to about this. If you're playing on a big server, I can see you might not see each others messages, but really? Sorry, that still sounds like a social circle to me. Never, have I heard any of my players or my friend's players state that they feel "awkward" after having a conversation while gaming.

The people can also DOX you, and give out your information, and unless you have a proxy server running, they get your correct details. if you are on an HTTPS network then honestly i guess i wouldnt even try but thats not the way skype works.

im not saying its possible to track everybody cause like with the ISP server, there are things that can get in the way.

You never know, something could slip out and be the end of the line for you!

Also, if you're a kid, talking with adults on Skype can be Actually, I read this, and now I think I might have to delete my skype and my 729 closest friends.If not your parent, another adult who you talk to about this. If you feel that way, are you saying something that you shouldn't or are you saying something you can't? no way unless microsoft has added a backdoor, track down your location?

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