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14-Apr-2020 13:03

And yes, they include Ed Sheeran and the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, along with some hidden gems you probably haven't heard yet.

Below, check out the most romantic songs of the year, so far.

And so, I decided to give the world of sex music a second chance.

But after wading through dozens of articles recommending that I get it on to "Let's Get It On," I realized that if I actually wanted to find out what music was decent to bang to, I had to speak to the actual people banging to music.

But recently, I've realized that I was a bit too hasty in my dismissal.

You can't give up on riding a bike just because you fall down a few times, and you can't give up on sex music just because a guy from Ok Cupid once actually expected you to blow him to Bob Marley's Legend.

I lost my virginity to the decidedly unsensual ska-punk sounds of Operation Ivy; and after a series of boyfriends who liked to bump uglies to the less-than-erotic music of Pearl Jam or the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle soundtrack, I kind of gave up on the whole sex music thing.

I got into running a box fan as white noise to try to keep my roommates from hearing me bone, and I dismissed the pursuit of the perfect sex song as a hopeless endeavor.

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Transforming the classic rock genre with Brian Wilson's experimentation with unusual instruments, this song was quickly recognized as a masterpiece and would be considered one of the greatest of all time.

As the 1950s passed and the world slowly began to heal from the deafening noise of war and upheaval, the late 1960s hippie generation responded by turning up the volume and making noise on its own terms.

While older generations called this new sound evil, the youth called it something else: Hard and heavy rock 'n roll.

This CCR 1971 hit peaked at number 8 on the US charts and became well known for its documenting of the departure of Tom Fogerty from the band.

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The song's remarkable bittersweetness has left a lasting impression on generations to follow, spawning dozens of covers.Dream On brought Aerosmith to the forefront of rock music in the 1970s, the prime years of classic rock.