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“No I will not eat the peas,” they say, “men can eat the peas and the broccoli; I want that NY Super Fudge Chunk that I deserve for holding up half the…” holding up half… Elder mistreatment is unrecognized, hidden, and underreported. They must have wrapped cable around the moon, and are using it as a pulley system and are holding up the sky by pulling down on the pulley from the valleys. I can’t see any feminist down there in any of these valleys, let alone a cable coming down ‘round the moon. Now we are in an epoch where women can contribute and men no longer have to be the only ones lying in military cemeteries or suffering 90% of all workplace fatalities. However, I don’t see feminists having held up their half before this time, to justify the saying in the present tense. Death Valley, Khumba Valley, Douro Valley: nothing. However, let’s not overlook the depth of the contributions of masculinity; and how men built our houses which, um, you know, hold up the roof from the rain.

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In 1974, Title XX of the Social Security Act authorized the support of protective services to adults 18 years of age and older at all income levels who were suffering abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Now and then, on a sunny day, when strolling over Mount Everest, I look around to see where these women are—the ones holding up half the sky. Women shoulder pregnancy, childbirth, and are the heartbeat of the family. If feminists toss “toxic masculinity” at men, and blame us for the immense horrific evils such as murder and mansplaining, then we deserve our share of credit for the good; and it’s a lot more than 50%.

Clouds are made of water and water is heavy, so I suspect they have quite a challenge going on. That is a daunting obligation, and one that every civilization should esteem. So let’s summarize so far: So what have feminists been holding up until now?

We will describe elder mistreatment policies, examining them in the light of the U. national elder abuse policies with a focus on important provisions of the Elder Justice Act.

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We will also review the various types of abuse, the identification of abuse, and the nurses’ role in addressing elder mistreatment.However, famous feminists have said this: So supporting children, families and husbands, is not what feminists have in mind, when they say that women hold up half the sky. Here’s one: “butterflies are free.” I hear that, and I’m like: “Wow! Or that other saying: “I never said I was a perfect candidate, and I certainly have never said I ran perfect campaigns, but I don’t know who is or did.

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