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The Pontiac-based organization does it all by repurposing donated gently used household goods that teams of designers use to furnish and decorate the house to make it as close to the dream home the family has always wanted as possible. “If kids can dream again, if they can feel safe – safe and happy – they can rally around the mom,” Nagle says.

Humble Design works with seven to eight homeless shelters. “I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a mom say ‘now I know I can do this.’” Few families end up back in the shelters after taking possession of a Humble Design home. Creating each home does take some dollars, even with donations. Oftentimes, corporations will sponsor a family and the move and provide volunteers.

They study the neighborhood and arrive at the house before the makeover team.

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Peter Erlinder, former National Lawyers Guild president and former defense counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda, quotes the Prutsalis Report produced for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees as evidence that the truth of this story is not that now commemorated by a monument in Rwanda.These events continue for a hundred days, from April 7 into the first week of June and take place around the world, including one here in the East Bay city of Antioch.The New Times of Rwanda, one of several state sanctioned media outlets, reports that a monument has been built on the banks of the River Nyabarongo “in memory of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis who were dumped into the waters.” KPFA’s Ann Garrison reports that the story is disputed with evidence that the victims were actually Hutus rather than Tutsis. They hang curtains and artwork, beautifully set the dining table, place furniture, make beds, clean and much more. The team went to work and decorated it with black, pink and zebra prints and one designer painted pictures of Betty that now hang on the wall. The teams also look for the small things that make huge difference.

It has three teams, each made up of two designers, who go to the house to turn into a home with the help of many volunteers. In one case a woman told the team she had always wanted a Betty Boop bedroom. Humble Design had no such bed, but when the truck came back from picking up donations that day there it was – a light blue baby bed.

The Rwandan Genocide is commemorated in Rwanda and at the United Nations as “the genocide against the Tutsi.” However, there is ample evidence that hundreds of thousands of Hutus, as well as Tutsis, died in the Rwandan massacres.

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