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18-Nov-2019 11:40

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Normally, Wenzel’s students are shy, wealthy German men. He decided to volunteer his skills to help Germany as it struggles to integrate more than 1 million refugees who have arrived over the past two years, most of them from war-torn Muslim countries with vastly different relations between the sexes.“Finding a relationship is the best way to integrate, and that’s why I’m giving these classes,” Wenzel said.

But after the arrival of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in Germany, most of them young single men, he decided to also offer his advice to migrants.

If you manage to courageously seduce a commitment phobe, he would probably prefer to die than admiting his feelings. It seems that the word "beziehung" (translation: relationship) should never be said out loud because it involves taking high risks and adrenaline.

As my German friend said "We love the order because we have a greater fear of disorder".

My method of seduction is always to show interest by joking and playing ambiguously.

In Germany, subtily showing your interest leads straight into the Berlin wall and showing your excitement is likely to make him disappear from the radar screens.

DORTMUND, Germany -- Migrants looking for love in Germany are in luck: Horst Wenzel, dubbed Germany’s “Mr.

According to Der Spiegel, there were 16 million single hearts in 2009, which is 20% of the population.This difference of social management between East and West Germany persisted after the fall of the Wall and it’s likely that the men from West Germany suddenly lost their ancient hallmarks.

"I wanted to do it without breaking any laws, and ideally just with stretching the truth," he said.… continue reading »

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