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03-Jan-2020 02:16

Lucy's natural hair color is brown—the blonde hair she had in "Back in Black" was just a wig that the rest of her sisters gave to her as part of the makeover that they had given her to try and impress Rocky.The other theory I had about the family is that "The Loud House" could just be a mini orphanage of some kind. Has appeared in Sports Illustrated from 2005-2010, six times in a row. At 16, chosen to be the face of Chanel's Chance.“She’s in that nervous, waiting-for-him-to-call phase,” a source says of the model, 26, who ended a two-year relationship with Adam Levine in April.

My take: model Anne V (Anne Vyalitsyna) has been dropping hints and tips to the tabloids about her “relationship” with Alexander Skarsgard for the better part of two months.But I’m not sure if all of these little tabloid items amount to much of a relationship.Oh, and this will probably mean something to those of you watching costar Lucy Griffiths. She’s really beautiful, so maybe that’s his type now.She seems to be a general scientific prodigy, but her greatest areas of expertise have come from the biological field.

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