Allocentric egocentric updating spatial memories

25-Jan-2020 13:34

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Indeed, it would seem that a sojourning toddler's world is a place of axial lines and contrasting boundaries.

Mc Namara, Hardy and Hirtle identified region membership as a major building block of anyone's cognitive map (1989).

Specifically, region membership is defined by any kind of boundary, whether physical, perceptual or subjective (Mc Namara et al., 1989).

Boundaries are among the most basic and endemic qualities in the world around us.

Layout is potentially the first method of navigation that people learn to utilize; its workings reflect our most basic understandings of the world.

Hermer and Spelke (1994) determined that when toddlers begin to walk, around eighteen months, they navigate by their sense of the world's layout.

People are not only capable of learning about the spatial layout of their surroundings, but they can also piece together novel routes and new spatial relations through inference.

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For example, a person's spatial memory is required in order to navigate around a familiar city, just as a rat's spatial memory is needed to learn the location of food at the end of a maze.

This parceled world idea is further supported items by the finding that items that get recalled together are more likely than not to also be clustered within the same region of one's larger cognitive map.

Clustering shows that people tend to chunk information together according to smaller layouts within a larger cognitive map.

Research indicates that there are specific areas of the brain associated with spatial memory.

Many methods are used for measuring spatial memory in children, adults, and animals.

This is that spatial recall is a hierarchical process.

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