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[his essays] are filled with a passion and heat that most cultural criticism lacks." --Katie Roiphe, The Washington Post When former New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan publicly revealed his HIV positive status in 1996, he intended "to be among the first generation that survives this disease." In this new book, a powerful meditation on the spiritual effect AIDS has on friendship, love, sexuality, and American culture, we follow Sullivan on his path to survival. With its paradoxical sense of beauty amid pain, Love Undetectable has something of the quality of a war memoir." --The New York Times Book Review "On display here are all of the author's many strengths--compelling, poetic prose style, some keen observations on faith. I really enjoyed the two other essays in the book as well.Cf Jsp Page._resolve(Cf Jsp at coldfusion.runtime.Cf Jsp Page._resolve And Autoscalarize(Cf Jsp at coldfusion.runtime.Thread Pool Worker(Thread Pool at concurrent.

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