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When you’re put to one of those really difficult decisions, it’s a matter of follow-through, on knowing that what you think is right no matter how much money it’s gonna cost you. There’s that little bit that you don’t have control over. In order to be a really good poker player, you can’t be risk averse. You’re spending every minute in really, really deep thought. In the last couple of years, poker has become a global phenomenon. It’s not gonna be like playing golf with Tiger Woods, where he’ll always win. Do you translate what happens at a poker table to your life? Because that personality profile is very prevalent in poker players, a lot of times they tend to take that into life, and they’re not risk averse enough in life. Duke: If you know how an opponent perceives you, you can use that against them. You have to be really analyzing what’s going on, and paying attention to the other players, and trying to figure out what their betting patterns are, and who they are as people, and what their psychological profile is. Duke: But you don’t see a lot of fat man who are really at the top of the game. If you line up all the great poker players in the world, the majority of them are not overweight, and in relatively good shape. Poker is a place where it’s a totally even playing field. Unless you’re telling me that women are stupider than men, you don’t need to put them in a different tournament. Duke: When I first started playing, I was able to take great advantage of the fact that I was a girl. I mean, I’ve seen it very occasionally, and it’s totally inappropriate. And they’re clearly gambling away the grocery money. How does a poker table change when you sit down, not as Annie Duke but as a woman? If they want to sleep with me, they’re not gonna take my money. She is the daughter of literary professor Richard Lederer. It is rumored that she earned an additional 2 million dollars at private games.At the top level, though, things like experience and talent come into play. This is actually a really important part of the game. As you play it more, you start realizing that poker is not a solvable game. A good poker player’s gonna be folding 70 to 80 percent of the hands that they’re dealt. You’re making decisions for your future all the time. And bad results don’t necessarily mean that the decision was bad. Duke: When I first started playing, I was one of those people who got really upset at bad results. Letting the past affect you is probably one of the biggest faults that most people have. Duke: All great players share a real confidence in their abilities at the table. Rather it is a game that takes a lifetime to master.

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People who have incredible longevity in poker tend to be people who have very good balance on risk. Good bet management really forces your opponent to mistakes. By Peter Hossli (text) and Charly Kurz (photos)Ms Duke, what are the odds that I will ever beat you at poker? Can you learn the skill, or is it mostly a question of talent? If you let me work with him for a while, I can insure that he’s gonna win at mid-level poker. I allowed that to really deeply affect me when I first started playing. I would be throwing stuff against the walls, and storming out in tears. Understanding conceptually and mathematically what poker is about can get you very far. Duke: I have a pretty good conceptual understanding of the game. I really don’t allow previous results to affect what I’m doing going forward. Many people look for similarities between life and the poker table. Duke: Life is very much a long run proposition, just like poker. And one thing that people have a really hard time separating in life is that good results don’t necessarily mean that the decision that led to the good result was good. And I definitely carried that over with me to the beginning of my poker career. That was probably the biggest obstacle for me to work through, in order to become a good player. And there are the old-type poker players, the guys with the cigars, the heavy drinkers. Duke: In the long run, the mathematical players, the ones who understand game theory and have come into poker that way, tend to be more successful. The kind of higher risk investments that I do tend to be in start-up companies that I believe in.

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So I have a set of low risk investments like mutual funds. Are you in danger of being addicted to the gambling thing? Annie Duke studied literature und cognitive psychology.