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17-Mar-2020 06:08

In particular, watch out for Stranded in [Foreign Location] scams. Voices can be hard to recognise reliably on poor-quality links, and video may be unrecognisable. They’re calling from the hacked account of a friend – unusual, of course, but this is an emergency! At the end of the video, Houser places his guitar into a fire.This music video was filmed at the Star Lounge in Ventura, CA.A music video was made for the song in October 2008.Directed by Vincenzo Giammanco, the video starts with Houser walking into a bar to drink a beer. In the second verse of the song, Houser is seen sitting on a bed, with his one-night stand still asleep.You probably know the deal: a friend contacts you from an overseas trip. – to advise all the friends of that friend that they, too, may be compromised.

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And I'm not about to go watch a bunch of her videos to find out either.

They need 00 wired via cash transfer as soon as possible so they can afford to get to their feet. Check via an alternative channel if your friend really is in trouble.