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26-Jan-2020 21:16

Oil and natural gas have brought new wealth to Azerbaijan, and made its capital a modern and glittering metropolis.

() Acts off the beaten track did well in the second semifinal for the Eurovision Song Contest, as three sisters from the Netherlands impressed with their harmony.

The poetic texts were forced to make way for more conventional, jubilant songs.

But the centuries old verbal transferral of songs continued to function, despite musical notes being introduced and with that the Western tone system which could not carry the Eastern quarter tone scale. Turning the deepest emotions of the human soul in all their diversity and moods into art is the idea behind Muğam, the classical, improvisational music from Azerbaijan.

His series "Die zweite Heimat" shows Germany for what it is – unadorned and honest.

His pictures can be viewed in Hamburg's House of Photography.

Thought she might be gardening by this age, she is "back on the barricades" instead, fighting for equal rights, among other things.

He unfortunately died in 1979 before reaching the age of 40.

Kerr fled Nazi Germany with her family in 1933 — a personal tale she wove into "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit." With 50 million television viewers in 90 countries, the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's concert is the world's standout classical music event.