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15-Jun-2020 23:56

There, hours after the shooting, the killer's employer – working local FBI agents – changed his i Cloud password.This gave them access to his backups, but locked them out of getting further data from the phone.Backdoors are dismissed out-of-hand in the proposed amendment: “decryption, reverse engineering or monitoring of such communications shall be prohibited”, it says, and EU member states “shall not” demand backdoors from communications providers.That's the exact opposite of what Germany's interior minister Thomas de Maizière announced last week when he said the country was working on a law to give itself the right to decrypt messages (joining the UK, USA and Australia in the belief that safe backdoors are feasible and Pi can be legislated to a value of 3.0).Meanwhile, Apple has said it offered to help the Feds in researching the case before the agency even approached Cupertino.The i Giant also kindly offered to throw its lawyers at any legal demand from the FBI as fast as it could to get the whole thing over and done with as soon as possible.Preventing agents from accessing devices in criminal investigations should not be allowed, he argued.

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Assuming the device had a suitably configured fingerprint sensor, FBI had a 48-hour window to use the prints to unlock the mobe.

After that time period, a passcode is required which they don't have.

"Our team immediately reached out to the FBI after learning from their press conference that investigators were trying to access a mobile phone," Apple said in a statement to journalists.

"We offered assistance and said we would expedite our response to any legal process they send to us. We offer training to thousands of agents so they understand our devices and how they can quickly request information from Apple." If the i Phone is a recent one, the FBI could have unlocked the dead murderer's handset using his finger, if the phone was set up to accept fingerprint logins.

"But the company that built it purposely designed the operating system so that we cannot access it.

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