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03-Nov-2019 00:22

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He's telling me a story about teenhood that leads us to his high school gym in Vancouver. There, he persuades his friend to streak at an athletic game—then conspires to secure the perimeter so there's no easy escape.

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Meanwhile, Matty and Jake spend a night in jail and Tamara has an unexpected hookup.

What’s been your favorite part about his journey this year? The first few seasons, he was still pretty immature in figuring himself out as a young man. Like when I read that in the script, I go, “Oh, yes! The scene in the bathroom when Jenna sees you crying was so good. TVLINE What does the midseason finale hold for them as a couple? So that’s why he thinks Collin’s a good guy, and he’s smart, and he’s different, and he’s a good friend to Jenna. I mean, Jenna’s got to get her act together, honestly, because Matty doesn’t deserve someone who’s not completely committed to him. There’s a lot of hints, but they’re not very subtle.

And now there’s a lot of chaos going on in his life, but he’s able to deal with it in a mature way. When you got that, was that a little bit scary, knowing you have to go to that place? I guess it’s a little daunting because it takes energy and you get in a little funk and a little bit of a mood. I don’t think he would have brought it up last season. They go through a large event together, the whole crew does. TVLINE At this point, do you still think Matty and Jenna belong together? So unless she can promise that and honestly do that, then Matty’s got to find another love.

Il dit qu'il a commencé le métier d'acteur, un peu grâce à sa petite soeur Raeanna. Il a navigué et pêché dans le golfe et à San Juan Islands pas loin de la maison.

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Il fait aussi du kayak de mer sur la côté Ouest de l'île de Vancouver, de la randonnée et campe dans les Rocky Mountains de la Colombie Britanique. Castle Beck, Hier Des bannires attendent vos votes dans les prfrences. I have to say, Matty's figuring out who his parents are. The genesis for that name was Jimmy, who works on . He mics everyone and also works the boom sometimes.

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