Benefits of dating a bald man

10-Feb-2020 13:29

benefits of dating a bald man-36

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Now that the hair is gone, there is not much to style. It’s not uncommon for guys who shave their heads for the first time to feel a bit odd. The mustache is a smaller piece of facial hair, but it’s very distinguished. Take a look at some the classic examples here, pick up your trimmer and get creative.Imagine if you're bald - you'll never have to spend money on expensive haircuts, hair products, (shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair serums); styling products, dryer, and even hair irons.Also, for people who dye/colour their hair, there is no need to shell out money for that, either.© Pinterest Mostly out of necessity, but balding men sure know their way with hats as opposed to men with hair.

So, being bald not only makes you look badass but also gives you a distinguished, more intelligent persona.

The mustache is perfect for the corporate world, law enforcement, or any other environment with ‘old-fashioned views’ on style and a strict dress code. There are hundreds of various goatee styles, but it all boils down to the full goatee and the classic goatee.

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