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18-Apr-2020 15:53

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The first half was directed to Bethenny, and then, starting with “You’ll be sorry” That appears to be a warning to Bethenny’s then boyfriend Dennis Shields about his opinion on being in a relationship with Bethenny and warning him away from her. In my opinion, this is the sort of nasty custody and visitation disputes that go on all over the country on a daily basis.

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Am I crazy or is it time for Bethenny to get off his jock?People Magazine has published excerpts from the court documents that are allegedly the basis for the five charges against Hoppy. On the other hand, what is he supposed to do if she cuts off communication? If you could half the mothers in the world would do this. Perhaps he was taking out his own policy and wanted to know how much she was leaving Bryn? might have taken a liberty by using the word repeatedly as only one face to face interaction had occurred and that was at Bryn’s school where there was some disagreement during a drop off or a pick up.

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