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Read More RATHER THAN DEBATING SENSELESSLY FOR DECADES ON THE SAME ISSUE OF WHETHER ALIENS EXIST OR NOT?WHY NOT SIMPLY QUESTION YOURSELF WHO YOU ARE IN SPACE?His theory was that anything that happens leaves an energy mark that can never be destroyed (something like the mystical Akashic Records).So he allegedly developed this machine that could detect, magnify and convert this energy into an image – something like a TV showing what happened in the past.However, it is common sense to assume that the military would definitely be interested in the possibility of time travel and would engage in extensive research on the subject.Dr John Ioannis Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins John is a computer amp electrical engineer with a Ph D in Artificial Intelligence a...The people of the very distant future may have actually dispensed with their flesh and blood bodies by that time, or they may have simply evolved into skinny people with huge heads and eyes. The Man from Taured (sometimes referred to as the Taured Mystery or the Man without a Country ) is a story about a man who arrives at a Japanese airport from a country called Taured. Bloodthirsty, warrior giants which came from far across the sea? Perhaps they were more like monsters with a single leg, arm, and eye? A team of archaeologists has announced the discovery of over a thousand stone artifacts, with some of them being up to 1.76 million years old.The discovery took place at Wadi Dabsa, in southwest Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea.

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The story refers to a group of young Christian people, who in 250 AD tried to escape persecution and retreated, under God’s guidance, to a cave where God put them to sleep. This story coincides with the Christian story of the seven sleepers , with a few differences.Time travelling and time machines have been a topic of science fiction and countless movies for many decades.