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Please see the full list of winners below and be sure to watch their impressive — or, most impressive — films, ranging from action to comedy to animation. The old Jedi Master, however, isn't exactly thrilled about laboriously explaining complicated matters like the Force.

Just when Rey wants to have her most burning question answered, Artoo brings up a completely new topic...

Lucasfilm and Star are proud to present the winners of The Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016 — a celebration of fandom and a galaxy far, far away!

We are continually amazed by the creativity of Star Wars fans, and this year’s entries truly dazzled and delighted us. Rey can finally confront Luke with all of her questions.

“He was really young when he got together with Tiff so he hasn’t had a great deal of experience of dating, so is willing to do everything that Nadia and Eden tell him to get back in the game.” Sam previously told The Sun Online that he had taken a step back from MIC as he worried about what the show would do to his mental health in the wake of his breakup.

He said: "I worry about myself on Made in Chelsea at the moment, I don't know where I stand on it.

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"I'm not a fighter, I don't like getting involved in the drama.Would you rather be stuck on a broken down train with Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran?