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11-Jul-2020 04:37

This may be due to ethnic intolerance, which would result in them not being able to get jobs, or have access to any existing social services, such as schools for their children.

It may also be due to the fact that their houses were destroyed during the war.

It is best perhaps to listen for a while if one is new to the country, before engaging in such a conversation.

Since the country has three official languages (Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian) it is best to refer to the language of the country as the "local" language.

People around the world should be informed and educated on these incidents especially the youth today, who take many things in life for granted.

Despite Muslim sanctioning of polygamy, the custom was practiced in only one region of the country and currently is not practiced at all. In Junea new currency, the convertible mark, replaced the dinar, which had been completely devalued as a result of inflation.

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It is customary for landlords to come by any time he/she feels like it just to have a social chat.People of Bosnia and Herzegovina are very sociable and hospitable. Keep in mind that language interpreting only became an occupation as of 1992. He/she is going to be the best indicator of what is currently socially acceptable. The power of the collective spirit is still omnipresent.