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After many times of listening to this cool song it dawned on me that it actually resembles the song from Chris Isaak called "Wicked Game." To my surprise I found out that the album that contains this song is called Heart Shaped World and Cobain's song is called "Heart Shaped Box." I thought this is interesting enough to mention as most probably Cobain did it subconsciously as any writer of songs can confirm that many times you pull a song which later on you find out you heard somewhere else. I just want to say that I still love this song here in 2013. "forever in debt for your priceless advice" Santa hat, Jesus disappears during the chorus because he means nothing in death.I've been a fan of Nirvana since '93 when I was in college and their music got me through some very tough times in my life. No Offense, Orlando, but that is extremely ignorant and pretentious to assume that you know for a fact exactly what this song is about. I can't believe how many of you are so f--king blind..I'm thinking though that the line 'I've been drawn into you're magnet tar pit trap' might mean that he had to use heroin to ease his stomach and back pains and then he became addicted and the line 'I've been locked inside your heart shaped box for weeks' could mean that since Courtney gave him that box they started going out and got married and Kurt was stuck with her.And that idea about the picses and cancer, Pisces supposedly have weak personalities and are easily controlled or dominated.

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But to find out later in life when things were just starting to happen for him.

so in a sense the song is about a man that was taken back to being a boy while meeting his dying mother with friends around to support..one is at - Alec, Mechanicsburg, SD Kurt had issues, yes he was mental. that blond guy in the front with the weird eyes is dead. In Kurt's biography, Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R.