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Cathy seemed wholly unphased by the admiring glances she received from the bar staff as she walked up to Nick and kissed him affectionately on the neck, before taking the stool opposite. ""I just told work I was off up to Birmingham to visit my mum for a couple of days. ""I said I had a string of business appointments, so I'd be staying in a hotel in London. I think you'll like the place we're staying at in Paris, honey: it's very close to the Arc du Triomphe.""So what else have you got planned for us? She remained feigning sleep as Nick attempted to pull down the bottom of her mini-skirt to hide her modesty, though it was too late to conceal a tantalising glimpse of her beautiful pink 'dark star'.

It was more than three months since the couple had seen each other, though they'd kept in touch on an almost daily basis by mobile phone and internet messages. The guard smirked, nodded at Nick and moved down the carriage stroking his crotch.

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They held the kiss for as long as possible, then swallowed almost simultaneously. Well I just gave you a blow job seventy-five metres beneath the bottom of the English Channel! Cathy remained snuggled against her lover until the Eurostar train pulled into a bustling Gare du Norde station, shortly before the evening rush hour.

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