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27-Feb-2020 15:18

A fledgling academic conference — the International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots — had to be moved from City, University of London, to neighbouring Goldsmiths after the original host deemed its topic to be “uncomfortable”.But the difficulty of the work, and the existence of the taboo, does not mean there is a lack of legitimate scientific questions to ask.News of creator Matt Mc Mullen’s latest invention — he’s been making lifelike silicone sex dolls for 20 years — has created international media interest and a firestorm of criticism from ethicists and futurists who see a dark side to a sex doll that becomes more “human” with each technological innovation.One critic worries that the doll’s artificial intelligence app could be hacked to make it kill its owner (like the vengeance meted out by sex robots in the film “Ex Machina” and TV show “Westworld”).Academic research on sex-related technology is even scarcer, and the work that has been done so far — including a study by Stanford University in California that revealed that people get physiologically aroused when touching a robot in places that they would find sensitive themselves — is plagued by caveats and differing interpretations.The academic world has largely looked on the topic as both trivial and sensational.(Meanwhile, the annual revenue of the academic publishing market in 2013 was around billion.) Just four companies, all located in the United States, currently produce sex robots. They are still more doll than robot, but Matt Mc Mullan, chief executive of one of the bot manufacturers, Abyss Creations, is focusing his company’s efforts on interactivity.As artificial intelligence and robotics improve, advances will filter into robots designed for sex. (Soldiers have been shown to develop emotional attachments to bomb-disposal robots.) Although a handful of researchers have looked seriously at the issues surrounding relationships with robots, research into the social, legal and moral implications is scarce.

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That talent landed him a job at a Halloween mask factory in San Diego, where he learned the technique of injection molding.But there is another aspect of human–robot relationships that is rarely mentioned, and it’s one on which robots could have just as great an impact as any other. That reticence changed, at least in the United Kingdom, last week.