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"Considering Ihfrie handicaps the Ooestar has performed remarkably well. Fur example, the sun rotates slowly and most of the solar system's angular momenlum is in the planets, while just I he opposite is true fur the Jovian syslemi. T-S sition of the crater on the umhra out- line: it is I lie angle tcflunied either nort Jli- ward or southward) between the east -west diameter of the umbra and ihe radius from the center to the crater. Kor example, at the well -observed eclipse of December 30, 1%3. (faiiada'i Vi cl I- k tiown ipsctroscfipisi, a^irononier. Tbc institute has seciions on speetret$- copy., I argot molcoules. Two ai Hieal fl Ha padt Fdin E lih Hi nuanted In maial can Pantilv vanii. My fovorite objects ore deep-sky duslers orvd nebulae: despite the light sky I hove managed lo iriew forty Messier objedi, with the dirnmest being lenth-mog nilvde MIOO. In this table, Pkfi and Piton are tiot craters bui bolated mountain peaks. an ubiatencss of 1/139 was delcrmincd Many letters tell dt the excitement of discovery- Also in North Carolina. Jr., of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base was bicycling home when he noticed Nova Cygni at 9; 42 Ea-Stern daylight time h‘&ics hai been e^tablbhed. s]aec phj'iijcs, t Tonomv, ard plaii^tai-y sci-Cnce S- Included a!

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3 size, and they did not hang out and stuck hemispheres chic with dark cherry nipples, which is now turned into a decent-sized beads.

TK's steering mechanisni and in the (jrhiler's baitexy pack, The latter problem was serious enough to require Ihe substitu- lion of the second spaco L-tafi on the rockd so that (h-e launch Citlld proceed within allotted time limits. A pt¥- flight engineering check indicated that The ttirengih of radin signals emanating from (he Hirhitef's high gain antenna was well Ik Ic™ csjueclcd levels ™ so weak, in Cacl. landing mav si LII be passibitr if (he tim€ For landing we verificaiion by The orhiter k reduced. Fletcher has invlructeb the mission's Flight controllers rol (u give ihe July 4th touchdown dale I Up priority.

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