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"Much research suggests that women have roundabout ways of telling their partners what they need." For instance, Bell says she used to make generalized requests of her husband such as "Please take out the trash." What Bell meant was, "Please take out the trash in the next 15 minutes." What her husband heard was, "Please take out the trash sometime this weekend." Separation from your husband isn't necessary, they claim, although it may be the only way to force change.

The main point is, "once you've determined that making a change is really important, you must take a course of action and stick to it. So are garages, the back seat of the family sedan, and maybe a secluded corner of a public park, if the spirit so moves.

There is a variety of reasons when a couple's sexualities may simply not be compatible. In 70% of workaholism-related divorces it was men who were the cause, and 30% women.

Men are only slightly more likely to cheat: 55% of all marriages that end as the result of adultery is because the man cheated. A survey done in 2004 found that 93% of divorce cases were petitioned by women, very few of which were contested.

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"We were so anxious to get rid of our spouses that we even helped them pack. Independently (neither woman was aware of the other at the time), Brown and Bell booted their mates out, believing that their marriages were over.Not that there's anything wrong with bum raps between consenting marital partners, judging by the spicy menu on offer at church-sponsored marital enrichment classes, in religious self-help books, and at conferences. It's a way of fostering intimacy, honesty, joy and fidelity. Congregations, he says, "are tired about the old message that sex is bad and nasty, but save it for the one you love." Weiss was a featured speaker in June at the annual Smarter Families conference staged by six theological schools at Trinity Western University, a private Christian university in B. The conferences are billed as a way to "strengthen the institution of traditional marriage, to reduce the prevalence of divorce in our churches and communities." Or, as Weiss puts it: "If you're going to have sex, you might as well have good sex." Make love with the lights on, he advised conference goers.Then there's the new breed of websites, where scripture coexists with unblushing advice on spanking, bondage and oral sex -- and where the product line ranges from lace-up leathers to restraint chairs. "It's a little slower in Canada, but the church is, by and large, ready for some healthy sex," says Doug Weiss, a Colorado-based author and marital counsellor. Communicate with each other and keep your eyes open during orgasm, the better to store memories of your partner's pleasure."Then, play with the fruits they agree are in the garden," he says.

"That cuts down a lot of wear and tear sexually." Other conference participants included Anne and Brian Bercht, an Abbotsford, B.The book's example scorecard includes such items as: don't take your anger out on me; do your own laundry; share the yardwork; teach each kid a sport; help plan birthday parties; don't turn every back rub into sex; stop paying ATM fees.