Consolidating emails to one gmail account

18-Jan-2020 14:24

Then along came Google, and the new smartest email account to have was Gmail.

If you have a Yahoo address and want to make the jump to Gmail but don’t want to risk losing all the emails and contacts you’ve amassed over the years, you’re in luck.

Basically, any email that is sent to @work will be collected in the @gmail account.

This is a great option for those internet provider email accounts that you never check, but may contain important information.

So any @email account will immediately be collected in my Gmail account.

You might ask, why would I forward or use Pop3 to consolidate all of my mail when I can simply add additional accounts to Outlook or my i Phone, they both handle multiple email addresses.

This label is applied to every email that was imported.

This way, you can find your old Yahoo emails easily.

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This means you should open a new browser tab and log in to your Yahoo account.This was her work email account will have a record of any emails she received, but she will receive any email to her work address in her home email.