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23-Jan-2020 14:38

I only recommend this for apps you use on a daily basis — the kinds of apps that are always open, such as web browsers, music players, text editors, etc.

To pin an app to the Taskbar: Once pinned, apps can be dragged around so you can rearrange them according to your needs.

File Explorer actually has a number of lesser-known features that can be useful.

For example, you can access your Quick Access folders right from the Taskbar by pinning File Explorer just like you would any other app: Launch any folder, right-click on File Explorer in the Taskbar, and select Pin to Taskbar.

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You With Fences, you can create sections on your desktop for organizing your shortcuts, with each section called a fence.

For maximum productivity and sanity, you should further organize your Start Menu tiles into groups.

Not only does this keep everything tidy, but it makes it easier for you to find apps when you need them.

Once pinned, just right-click on the File Explorer icon and you’ll see a list of all Quick Access folders.

This is the preferred way to “quick jump” to folders you use over and over again, and it’s actually faster than keeping folder shortcuts on the desktop. The improved search in Windows 10 means you can open the Start Menu (with the Windows key), start typing for an app or file, and immediately open it with the Enter key.

To access the settings, right-click the Taskbar and select Settings.