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(“More hips, less shoulders.”) We made out furiously on the dance floor, ignoring everyone around us, and then I touched up his lip gloss.

The evening went on and we both got drunker, so a trip to the bathroom became necessary.

I revealed past experiences nobody knew about, toes dipped into worlds I’d kept from even my closest girlfriends, while he shared even more kinks he wanted to try.

“This,” he said, indicating the dress, hair and heels, “is kind of the tip of the iceberg.”This dimly lit, drunken conversation bled into the months following our weekend away, and opened doors in our relationship neither of us expected.

When we started dating months later, I knew I wanted to see it for myself. So when the opportunity to stay in a free hotel room came up, I talked him into it.

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He gravitated toward bright pink lip glosses and dark shades of eyeshadow, things I found too stripperish for my own regular use. When we got out of the car and stepped onto the two-story escalator leading up to the casino's main floor, we heard a wolf whistle come from above." His face fell, and I could see him brace himself for an entire evening of those kinds of comments. "I should have said, ' Don't be mad that my girlfriend is hotter than yours.'"We started the evening at an oval-shaped bar surrounded by poker, blackjack and roulette tables.This went on for a little while as he polished off two glasses of neat scotch and I nursed my whiskey and ginger ale.