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He was eventually murdered by his Death Eater son, Barty Crouch Jr, who despised him.Him and his son were the last members of the pure-blood Crouch family.Presumably due to Voldemort's influence, Crouch insisted that any person whose name came out of the Goblet had to compete in the tournament.A short time later, however, Crouch started to resist the Imperius Curse, just like his son had done during his time under Crouch's control.

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next, his son dead, his wife dead, the family name dishonoured, and [...] a big drop in popularity." Shortly after the imprisonment, the Crouch couple was permitted a deathbed visit due to Crouch's high status as a Ministry official.

He had a reputation for "fighting fire with fire", exhibiting the sort of ruthlessness and brutality against criminals that could be compared to some Death Eaters to their victims.

He was cast aside after the First Wizarding War and was put in charge of Department of International Magical Cooperation.

Because of the public reaction after his "son" died, with the ambiguity of the imprisonment starting to overtake the rash decision of the trial, not to mention that people starting to take pity on Crouch Jr for his father's neglect, Crouch Sr lost his popularity and chance to become Minister for Magic and was shunted sideways to the Department of International Magical Cooperation, with Cornelius Fudge succeeding Millicent Bagnold as Minister instead.

Upon returning home, Crouch was confronted by Bertha.Although Crouch's tactics were cruel, most people believed that he was doing the right thing, as there would be no way to defeat Voldemort otherwise.

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