Daddy dom chat

04-Aug-2020 03:36

Daddy is not like a robe you can take on and off, after all. I am also a whole person, I am intelligent, well spoken, and in excellent physical shape (I recently lost over 45lbs and exercise 3 - 5 times per week.).I like theatre, movies and the outdoors a great deal - and yes with my perverted mind I can think of all kinds of wonderful and evil things to do to keep my sweet girl on edge in all of those activities.I have a very creative mind and can even be very silly.

There is much more, but this is the core of the one that I seek.

Thousands of successful men and beautiful women who accept that philosophy already joined us.

We are not only to find you happiness, but finding you happiness within the lifestyle you desire.

A little is the submissive partner to the daddydom.

The daddy acts as a leader in the relationship with treats and punishments to his little.

A woman who is not afraid to be a little girl and a submissive and full adult partner. I like to be outdoors such as fishing camping and hunting and etcetera.