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So much exists out there to ride a top 10 list doesn’t do justice, nay, not even a top 100 list would begin to scratch the amount of asphalt deemed epic by motorcycle standards.

These are but 10 of the best known stretches; the roads that every motorcyclist should at least ride a few of in his or her lifetime.

The expectation of forthcoming riding epicness is, for many, what keeps us riding.

It is preceded in use of the projection only by the separately-published map of Rosselli, which is known in only a few examples and was doubtfully of influence in this regard. One of the most compelling questions facing mapmakers in the first half of the sixteenth century was that of the relationship of the New World to the Orient. Gemma had added this map to Apianus Cosmographia, a text of great importance first published in 1524. de las gamas (“River of the Deer”) would be Penobscot Bay and River. *Courtesy Altea Maps, quoting "Charta Geographica" magazine, vol.1, page 76.

This image has often been erroneously identified as a circumcision.

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He even managed to have her come over to his house a couple of times, alone. Rejection would have been fatal, the end of his life as he knew it, the eternal shame too much to bear. She never gave him the slightest hint or encouragement. Would be a pity to spoil the surprise, don't you think? Now there are two places where we can have this long conversation. He grilled her about possible STD's and asked if she was on birth control. Anything else, crying, begging, pleading, I will not respond to. We don't want them or the police knocking on our door asking if anything's wrong. Some well known fashion model had lived there before who had constructed a walk-in closet.… continue reading »

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