Dating after divorce small children

14-Jan-2020 04:17

Instead of considering what risk it put the family in, she instead decided that she would worry about that later.

Nevermind paying the bills, the mortgage, buying food, buying gas…

While this may seem obvious, many people don’t understand the kind of influence an addicted parent can have on a child.

Whether it’s prescription pain medication or alcoholism, children see what the parents do, and by their nature, will imitate.

They may become a “hands-off” pet owner, because they simply never learned how to be affectionate and caring physically and anyone with a dog knows how troubling that might be for a pet.

While this section is less of a warning sign and more of a merit, it’s a continuation of my points in number four.

Both are extremes, and both are unhealthy habits to develop.

After all, for the first decade or two of their lives, parents are a child’s only access and training in terms of money handling so if one spouse performs differently than the other, it only invites confusion.

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A parent doesn’t have to be a raging drunk every night in order to have an effect; they don’t have to be arrested with an unusual DUI charge they don’t have to have the fridge stocked full of booze.Looking back now, as an adult, I can say for certain that my dad’s choice to leave my mom was the best one, both for himself and for me.