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12-Jul-2020 04:40

For nearly two decades, Uighur militants have been training and fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the Taliban and other Central Asian groups, much to the anger of the Chinese.

More recently, Uighurs have started attacking security forces in Xinjiang itself, usually with knives and clubs rather than explosives or Kalashnikovs.

South Asian Muslims into indigenous and exogenous components.

Dienekes points to a new paper which attempts to quantify the genetic ancestry of.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, speaking to the Communist Party chief and party delegates of Xinjiang province, appeared to be acknowledging for the first time the deep frustration felt by young Uighurs, the eradication of Uighur culture and, most seriously, the lack of jobs in the province.

"Let the people, especially the young, have something to do and money to earn," he told them at China's annual meeting of parliament.

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They all mostly fight for the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

He urged private companies to invest in Xinjiang and for the majority Han Chinese population to mingle more with their Uighur brothers. have a bearing on nation and ethnic unity and national security,'' he added (according to Reuters).

For years draconian measures have been imposed on the 10 million Uighurs who live in Xinjiang, but who are being turned into a minority by the huge numbers of Han Chinese settlers brought in by the government.

From Afghanistan, Uighur militants have moved to Syria and Iraq to fight for various extremist groups.

The oldest group of Uighur militants that emerged in the 1990s, calling themselves the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and loyal to Osama bin Laden and Mullah Mohammed Omar of the Taliban - both of whom are now dead - have now renamed themselves in the Arab world as the Turkistan Islamic Party.Has China just issued its first conciliatory statement towards the Uighur Muslim ethnic group, which has been persecuted for years?

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