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We've compiled every single leak that came out in the first year of the Snowden saga, though there were many more that came later.Snowden downloaded up to 1.5 million files, according to national intelligence officials, before jetting from Hawaii to Hong Kong to meet with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.The prize for winning the award is a locally bred Old Spot Gloucestershire pig, and a selection of Bollinger champagne, which will be presented to St Aubyn at the Hay Festival on Saturday May 24.

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— July 6, 2013 • The NSA conducts surveillance on citizens in a number of Latin American countries, including Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and others.

— August 2, 2013 • The NSA provided surveillance to US diplomats in order to give them the upper hand in negotiations at the UN Summit of the Americas.

— August 2, 2013 • The NSA sifts through vast amounts of Americans' email and text communications going in and out of the country.

— June 27, 2013 • The US government bugged the offices of the European Union in New York, Washington, and Brussels.

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— June 29, 2013 • The US government spies on at least 38 foreign embassies and missions, using a variety of electronic surveillance methods.After he handed off his treasure trove of documents, he flew from Hong Kong and later became stranded in Moscow.