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This ancient Hawaiian temple, made of lava rock, is still partially intact.In Hawaiian language, kaihalulu means “roaring sea.” Formed by wave erosion, Spouting Horn is an ocean blowhole that magnificently shoots water skyward when rushing water is forced through a narrow opening in the lava rock.The U Turn for Christ Kauai treatment program is useful in a lot of different ways.

It is a gateway to adventure and an interactive storybook of the people and places that define the tiny town of Koloa.The U Turn for Christ Kauai can be paid for with self pay, or it can be funded with private health insurance options from United Health Care Services, Magellan Health Services and Insurance Plans Incorporated, Exclusive Care Health Care Inc., Life Synch Health Plans, American Family Health Insurance Plans, Com Psych Health and Liveliness Plan PPO, Health Net Insurance Plan PPO and HMO, High Mark Health and Living Organization, Humana Insurance Plans and Policies Inc., and Health Smart Insurance.The U Turn for Christ Kauai also offers a variety of aftercare options.He later became an ordained minister at The Church at Koloa. It was recorded in the Missionary Herald of 1860 that the church, which stands on high ground, could be seen far out at sea, serving as a navigation landmark used by ships coming to port.

Established in 1877, Koloa School is the oldest public school on Kauai.When the original mill could no longer keep pace with sugar’s rapid expansion, a new mill was built on this site in 1841.