Dating rolex watches serial numbers

06-Feb-2020 20:06

Rolex frequently uses numbers and letters to identify model year, model number, bracelet type, as well as other production variables.

Although not verified by Rolex, these numbers are fairly prevalent on the Internet.

The model code that is both on the warranty as well as in catalogs breaks down as follows: First three digits designates model on traditional Rolex models: 140 = Oyster Perpetual Air King and Submariner 142 = Oyster Perpetual Chronometer 34mm and Explorer 152 = Oyster Perpetual Date - Mens 34 mm 162 = Oyster Perpetual Date Just – Mens 36mm 165 = Explorer II 166 = Submariner – Sea Dweller – Ya.phpaster 40mm 167 = GMT Master II 170 = Oyster Quartz Date Just 189 = Oyster Perpetual Special Edition 190 = Oyster Quartz Day-Date 1165 Cosmograph Daytona 1182 Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 1183 Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Serti (With Diamonds) After 2004-2006, the newer Rolex models have an extra 1 preceeding the model number. In the case of a 16710, the 0 signifies stainless steel.

For example, a traditional, two-toned bezel GMT has a model number of 16710, but the newer super-cased, ceramic bezeled GMT is listed as a 116710 (extra preceeding 1). 0 = Stainless Steel 1 = Yellow gold Placor (Tudor) 22 = Stainless steel and Platinum (Ya.phpaster) 3 = Stainless Steel and 18k Yellow gold (Yellow Rolesor) 4 = Stainless Steel and 18k White gold (White Rolesor) 5 = Gold Shell (No Longer Used) 6 = Platinum 7 = 14k Yellow gold (No Longer Used) 8 = 18k Yellow gold 9 = 18k White gold BIC = Bi-Color 18k Yellow and White gold combo TRIDOR = 18k Yellow, White and Rose gold On watch certificates that are shipped with Non-United States Rolexes, there is a punched number in front of the serial number that signifies the country with which the watch was initially shipped by Rolex Geneva.

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Therefore it is important to look in the description for the model number.

If the model number is not in the description then it is usually not a good sign.

The model number is located at twelve ‘clock on the case between the lugs with the exception of the Oysterquartz which is located on the lugs.

The case serial number does not indicate when the watch movement was produced which increases the possibility that the movement is older than the watch case.

Nonetheless, the case number is a generally accepted method to roughly determine the age of a Rolex watch.

It is imperative to know the model number of the Rolex Watch you plan to purchase before actually buying the watch.

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