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If SCP-810 is 'attuned' to multiple people, then whoever is currently closest to the SCP is considered the 'owner'.

Addendum SCP-810-01: This SCP was recovered in a small Indian village, after reports of the village being terrorized by a 'haunted lamp'.

Mostly, it's that I already have so many NIN shirts with a NIN logo on the front. In a previous decade, multitrack stems for "The Hand That Feeds" were released by Nine Inch Nails, so listeners could peel apart the layers, or have a go at remixing the song themselves.

The Hotline pointed readers to Echoing the Sound and coordinated with other fans to facilitate a remix contest.

Standard psychiatric techniques have proven ineffective at reversing the effects of SCP-810, and administration of class-A amnesiacs have not readjusted subjects' psyches, although subjects have expressed confusion at their adjustment.

The first 50 people to arrive will receive a copy of the Vietnam War Original Score 3x LP set, signed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

If all possessions of the owner are being monitored, the SCP will disappear and not reappear until either the owner dies or some personal possessions of the owner are unobserved.

In the former case, the SCP will materialize in whatever unmonitored location is closest to its original vanishing point.

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Observation shows that the owner will, over time, become more and more accustomed to the SCP regardless of whether or not they have seen it, and eventually will begin carrying it with them (usually after 4-5 months of 'owning' the item).During its retrieval, Agent █████ was affected by the SCP, having expressed a desire for sleep while holding it.