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27-Sep-2019 00:37

This exhibition will highlight scenes painted both locally, on the east end, and in New York city.

Its no secret that the East End is closely connected to New York City.

Queensboro is a luminous depiction of the Queensboro Bridge reaching across the East River onto a vista of sun-lit suburbia.

We suspect Baumans fresh eyes due to his recent return to the US, after ten years of painting and studying in Europe, has helped to create the mysticism rarely seen when one paints a city a bridge.

The vibrant energy of the Big Apple resonates with the people of the Hamptons, especially during the summer months.

Amagansett Beach captures the serenity of a misty evening at the ocean.

Pale sand, bright green dunes, figures walking along the shoreline towards a horizon that glows from a sun that has just set.