Dating spear and jackson saws

16-Jan-2020 05:08

The liberals even pummeled Matt Damon, himself a hyper liberal, when he pointed out the error of equating a pat on the butt with out-and-out rape.

Trump always leads the news cycles, which are usually tied to his often-unnecessary tweets and the palace intrigue within the White House.

This is Dennet’s theory boiled down to coloring book level. While all of this is probably/maybe true, I also think that there are shades of gray in this concept in terms of the degree to which it applies to individuals.

I think some brains are more observant than others.

This, is why we have so many gray dogs who haven’t learned crap while aging.

Last time I worked on it, it was about 80 degrees out and sunny so the garage door was open and I could stand in it working on the car. Right now, it is anything but pleasant and I can’t leave the garage door open because rain will get on unpainted metal and there’s not enough room to work with it closed. This kind of gloomy weather reminds me of why I hated living in NJ. So, here I sit, more than a little frustrated with my mind wandering in circles. I guess going back to a simpler time for a few hours has its benefits.

One of those circles keeps coming back to me sitting in front of the TV last night watching John Wayne’s 1950’s movie, Red River. It was old home week and I found myself sinking into the chair, as enjoyment forced me to relax, which I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t done for some time. I’m positive that Marlene and I spend too much time watching the news. Usually it’s Fox, but we do networks and CNN periodically just to remind ourselves why we don’t watch them but we do want the other points of view.

Considering how many big political guns are constantly firing at him, I have no idea how 1: he gets any sleep and 2: how he gets as much done as he does.

With all the foregoing soaking up news time, North Korea is mostly forgotten until the troll that is Kim Jung Un (actually, that’s being unkind to trolls), decides he’s being left out of the lime light so he fires another missile.

He’s our number one, most serious problem, yet the possibility of having stolen a kiss in high school making headlines has Congressmen giving up their seats. In the meantime, I haven’t seen one single news story about how Texas, Florida and the Islands are recovering from the storms.

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