Dating tips for black women

26-Dec-2019 00:42

Like we’ve been lamenting, “There’s not enough media celebrating the beauty of black women,” says Lin, the co-researcher who was inspired to do the online dating study out of his own online dating woes being an Asian man.

“The problem is not black women, but how other groups interact with them.”What I’ve learned from speaking directly to the researchers is that many men don’t approach or engage with black women because of the stigma associated with it, which germinates from constant and pervasive negative messaging.

The research also reveals that most black women do respond to non-blacks when approached, and seem to be open, so the resistance isn’t on our end.

It’s because of these obstacles and roadblocks that Lin and Lewis give some pretty “anti-Rules” advice to black women.

You might recall that Lewis conducted the OKCupid study that showed that people of other races are more likely to connect with someone if that person from another races initiates contact.

Lin was the co-author of the study with Jennifer Lundquist regarding who responds to whom on dating sites, and revealed that black women were the least likely to get responses when they reached out.

Hell, even our own men have gotten on the bandwagon to bash black women, so when those who look like you don’t stand up for you or value you, it sends a very clear message to the rest of the world.

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To many black women, online dating is the only way to open major doors to love.

They say we’ll have more luck making the first move than to sit on the sidelines waiting to be picked.

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