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M1891 Cavalry production was halted after WWI but resumed from 1932-1938. Manufacturing of this specialist carbine began in 1898.

The TS was intended to serve as a handy rifle for non-infantry units such as artillery units. Early models may have been drilled out and had new rifled tubes inserted, but most conversions just meant cutting down the barrel and re-crowning. Rear sights bases are shorter like original carbines. Few rifles were produced for use with the M28 grenade launcher, which was quickly discontinued. The Model 1938 marked the wholesale adoption of short rifle and carbine doctrine for Italian military forces.

*FNA-Brescia did return to the adjustable rear sight (200 meter battle sight with 600-1500 meter adjustable) when they began producing in 6.5x52mm again.

Some may have stocks previously produced and unused for the M91/28 rifles intended to equip the M28 grenade launcher.

While there are only a handful of models, the caliber and fitting variations are numerous.

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Miracles: A Preliminary Study (Paperback Edition Published 2001 ed.). These will feature prominent replacement wood fittings in a bid to recycle raw materials. This rifle was introduced in the new 7.35x51mm cartridge but later reverted to 6.5x52mm because of logistical issues in the Italian military. All versions feature simplified, fixed rear sights.

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