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15-Mar-2020 02:59

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SHE HAS BEEN ABUSED HER WHOLE LIFE, AND A PERSON WITH A HALF A HEART, COUULD SEE THIS IS CRAP, SHE IS WONDERFUL... SHE IS AN ANGEL, AND I LOVE HER, WEAR A CONDOM, TAKE THE PROPER MEDS.... SHE DESERVES IT, LOOKING FORWARD TO MAKING YOUR AQUAITANCE DON.... That's a pretty harsh way to talk about a woman you once claimed to love...... Gina is nothing like who you're making her out to be. After all the trouble you went to, to find him on Facebook he too learned that you're wackier than anyone I've had the pleasure of knowing. You should be reported to DCF for abusing drugs, i.e. This is why I dont want any of you people in my life. Secondly, if I am a gold digger, then why does one husband still owe me k in court ordered alimony, child support and interest (case 98-1811) that has not been paid since 1998? It is also the reason I had to have 2 c-sections from extremely stressed pregnancies.You really need to get over your obsession with trying to hurt her.... I made the mistake of letting us drift apart, to the point where neither of us expressed our feelings anymore. Our year together was special, and I'm happy that I didn't pay attention to any of the nonsense on this blog. Xanax, as you have continued to do to your ex husbands. My other ex-husband kept ALL of the marital assets including the house and cars (case # 05-11057), then waited until post divorce, to gang up on me with my other abusive ex husband, whom I had Orders For Protection against, when I was financially unable to defend myself. You sound like a nice guy who simply hasn't found the right girl. When you actually fall in love, you might understand this..... Now I am shitting bricks because I failed to mention this and I dont know if this is a problem you may have had before me and not realized what it was or if I might be the cause of it.However, I'm sure she thinks she doesn't need to change.Take a look at the woman after all, she's been married, and engaged more times than I have toes and fingers( and I have all ten finger and all ten toes). They are instantly her fiance, so she can move in and they can support her, just like she did with you. would react if she only knew that his last night on Earth was w/a friend of hers. Where in Heaven's name do you find these lost souls?Borderline and Narcissistic Traits are easy to hide in therapy, for someone as skilled and educated as her. There is a woman I suspect is linked to these accusations, because her narcissism encourages her to project often, and never accept blame for her wrongs. If she's so wonderful, why doesn't her oldest daughter want anything to do with her, and the youngest daughter only sees her because she feels sorry for her? They have washed their hands of her after years of lies followed by more lies.This woman, oddly enough was recently arrested for beating her own sister, Gina. And to file charges against your own sister for a fight that she herself started.

Val took all the required anger management classes, in lieu of trial, but it doesn't sound like she was cured... With Gina as a subpoenaed character witness in Val's custody case, it's no wonder Val is trying to vilify Gina and vindicate herself in this blog. Val has a lot to loose, including custody and could go to jail for the perjury she used to get them. Her claims that Gina's children have rejected her, are ridiculous! Gina's parents have been drinking Val's koolaid for years, they wouldn't know the truth from the lies, if they saw it with their own eyes, Val would spin it right round and serve it up cold and calculated as usual. The late "dark angel" Tom, convicted felon, who recently died of a drug overdose, was arrested for "Assault with a deadly weapon, with intent to kill" on Gina, that's hardly what "mother trucker" was told. His mom bought him out of that one and paid for Gina's attorney and some expenses in exchange for her mercy on him. Then the part on the family, amazingly similar to another woman who has broken up more families then one could count and enjoyed every minute. I'm sure if she hasn't already, she will have her next lined up soon.

Don - you need to get over your obsession with Gina. You can plead for Gina to come back, tell her you love her, whatever, I don't believe you'll ever get her back. She is a mother with children and I can't imagine why you spend all of your time pretending to be anonymous people complaining about her. Not very manly, and neither is all this crap you keep posting about Gina.

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