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A bond between his best friend and a bond between her master. Mito Uzumaki didn't expect a mysterious young man by the name of Naruto to come falling out of the sky. At the end of the Wave Mission, while everyone else is fussing over the Uchiha, Naruto learns some amazing news from Zabuza as he's dying. Also in which Naruto is forced to fend off Karin's attempts at restoring the Uzumaki Clan.

What happens when Fate intervenes and weaves the two broken bonds together in destiny. [Naru Tayu]Naruto wished he listened to the Paths and Rikudō when they told him not to enter the forest. She didn't think he would be suffering from a case of amnesia as she attempts to help him. The Shinobi Alliance lose the war with Madara, and Naruto was given a forced to return back to change the outcome of the world. Naturally, all of this is complicated by the events and people surrounding them.

Ha-neul then made another bold move by starring in her first action-comedy film "My Girlfriend is an Agent" in 2009. She is so gentle, cute and distnquished in ,, On the Way to the Airport''; lovable and good-looking in ,, Gentleman's Dignity''; extraordinary, remarkable and beloved in ,, Road no.1''; amazingly nice in ,, Too Beautiful to Lie''; cute, shiny, truly lovable in ,, My Tutor Friend'.

As of June 16th, 2009 "My Girlfriend is an Agent" has sold over 4 million tickets in South Korea and became the biggest hit yet for the talented actress. I hope that_her star in the sky will not ever fade.

Kim Ha-Neul, born February 21, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea, is a famous model & actress. Ha-neul's immediate family consists of her mother, father, and one younger brother. Probably because it was not the same story line or the characters were not very convincing. I haven`t seen her in the movie for so long, so I thougth that something wrong was happen to her... ...i first saw her in "My tutor friend"and ever since then i m a fan of her,though she looked very ordinary in that movie..what a transformation in her later work..i m following her work i m amazed to see that she in every second handpicked best suggested work be it the dramaz or movies......n she is extraordinary with her face expressions....from India...:) I first saw your film " Paradise " and was enthralled by the story. I was impressed by the moral standards and your characters resolve and upbeat attitude to do the right thing regardless of her personal burdens. Really baaghhhhh She is normal but the more you look at her she's very unique and very pretty.

I did not know my cousin was this popular in the US or the west. i was impress in all the role she portrayed/played. all the drama series as well the movies she had was inspiring and very entertaining. i love kim ha neul i have a copies of my gf is an agent my tutor frend the last one was a man's dignity. Im looking forward to watch her bit hot movie My Girlfriend Is an Agent with Kang Ji Hwan.  why do people always have something against her looks? Even I thought In dream,if you and JDG could be a couple like film?