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Having used e Coach for four years, today was by far the best training day that I have ever experienced using e Coach.

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In addition to her regular classroom duties, Melissa serves on her school’s Leadership Team, her district’s Curriculum Council and on the district’s Technology Committee.

Teaching students how to apply classroom concepts in the real world is a priority for Melissa.

When working with a replacement pattern where a backreference is immediately followed by another number (i.e.: placing a literal number immediately after a matched pattern), you cannot use the familiar Because i search a lot 4 this: The following should be escaped if you are trying to match that character\ ^ . , Special Character Definitions\ Quote the next metacharacter^ Match the beginning of the line.

Match any character (except newline)$ Match the end of the line (or before newline at the end)| Alternation() Grouping[] Character class* Match 0 or more times Match 1 or more times?An error I happen to stumple about quite often was the back-tracking-limit: When working with HTML-documents and their parsing it happens that you encounter documents that have a length of over 100.000 characters and that may lead to certain regular-expressions to fail due the back-tracking-limit of above.

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