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04-Nov-2019 16:03

After looking at the GP operational log under event viewer i am not seeing any errors or warnings.

I have looked at the SMB services and it is started and running.

environment Laptop-Admin account win7 Server- 2008r2 default domain policy and a single OU with a policy linked.

I am having a problem with my Windows Server 2008 R2 DHCP server.

As we noticed that only Windows 7 workstations with a static IP were being registered we started troubleshooting.

As an AD guy I was 100% confident we could get this done using GPO’s.

dhcp not updating reverse lookup-31

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From there, the client continues communicating with the primary DNS server that accepted the A record update.The DHCP client will communicate with the authoritative DNS server directly for updating its A record, but the DHCP server updates the DNS server with the client’s PTR record In some cases, a DHCP server may update a client's A record on its behalf, even if the client did not specifically request this.