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And Rebecca hasn’t forgiven her mother (pleasantly matter-of-fact Deborah Murphy) for breaking up the family when she came out as a lesbian. (laid-back Justin Viz), is sleeping with an older woman.That’s his childhood neighbor Sara (Tressa Kate Small, helplessly ogling the lad), who’s married to Tom (a boorish and oblivious Joel Butler), who’s always away on business.Not only is she 25, half his age, but she was a friend of his daughter in high school, and a younger friend at that.Dan’s perpetually peeved daughter, Rebecca (a prickly Casey Semple), is also dating a man in his 40s, which Dan’s not entirely comfortable about.The show is made up of many short scenes in a multitude of locations, with backgrounds dimly projected from behind a diaphanous screen that makes it conspicuous whenever actors walk across the backstage.Craig Cutting’s black-walled set is very spare, but even so, the many scene changes inevitably slow down director Jason Salazar’s otherwise well-paced production.Harold tells Dan he’s got to get one of these younger women — these “hood ornaments of God,” as he puts it later in the play.

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Ultimately, because this is a romantic comedy, the issues are shrugged off.

There are a couple of speeches in Metcalfe’s play (which premiered at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre in 2003) calling out middle-aged guys’ obsession with younger women as kind of sad.