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The emotion had only come strong during those moments when, ignoring his weakness and pain, he had clung to the rail, gazing into the pale obscurity of the night, out over the boundless ocean, with the consciousness that the dream that had mocked him during nine months on a hospital cot had become a reality. He visualized the winding valley between the silver hills beautiful with the green-gold trees that gave their name to the place; the rocky stream that wound leisurely down, bordered by sage and willow, bringing the blue-tinted snow water from the mountains; the old rambling Spanish ranch house, white-walled, with the vines climbing up to the red tiles. " went on this incorrigible little devil, despite sundry covert kicks and cuffs. She can't hear and I won't tell." "Handsomest gal I've seen this summer, an' thar's some peaches hyar durin' July an' August. I shore wish I was young again." Ethel by this time was bursting with glee, and Virginia, too, could scarcely contain herself; but their arrival in the Garden of the Gods changed the direction of the old Westerner's mind to the natural spectacles of the wondrous rock formation out of which he made his living. "An' thar's Apollonaris Belvedeerie," he announced, grandly, waving his whip at a huge red crag, fluted and draped, and, without a distorting name, a beautiful thing to gaze upon. "Now looka thar," suddenly spoke up their guide, once more animated. See his noble haid an' his flyin' mane, an' thet wind hole which is his eye." This was too much for Virginia. "Now what I want to know," she concluded, "is whether or not you suspect there might have been something queer about that mine." "Queer indeed," he returned, almost with amusement. November heralded the beginning of winter in that latitude, but only toward the high slopes was the weather severe. "Do you love me any the less because I'm not the poor ragged bare-legged Virginia Lundeen who used to waylay you? This retrospect seemed to release him from the vise of the war horrors that had clamped him. I ain't seen one, though, with the shape your friend's got. "But last summer you told me that one was Ajax defying the Lightning," rejoined Ethel, in demure amaze. The rock designated resembled nothing alive, let alone the wondrous beauty of a wild horse. "If the facts you have told so clearly can be substantiated, it will lay bare something more than queer." "And what may that be? Old Baldy had put on his white cap, and there were patches of snow along the black-fringed rims of the battlements. " "I couldn't love you less because of anything." "You'll let me keep it, then? It was the second night out of Cherbourg and the first time for him to be on deck. You sure are the bunk." "Reckon I be'n buncoed, too," he returned, grinning. " Ethel mumbled something, what Virginia was unable to distinguish. "I'll beat you to the top of the slide." Next day they went to Denver. "She was at considerable pains to let me know how poor you were... The ridged and waved Atlantic, but for its turbulence, looked like the desert undulating away to the uneven horizon. I live on a ranch so big you could lose your old Garden in it... "I'll bet four bits them four kids of yours is bunk... And Virginia was once again in contact with the theater, the motion-picture, the department stores and restaurants of a city. " From outside the tent rose a high sweet trilling laughter, wild and gay and exultant on the night air. But he hated this restless, unstable, treacherous sea which seemed a part of the maelstrom in which he had been involved. Thar's the bulk of the body, haid an' ears, an' the trunk. Next came the Tomcat, and close to him the Mud Turtle. Nevertheless, he had a label for each and every one. That is for you to say." "I'm at your service, Miss Lundeen," he replied, with interest. I'll choose an opportune time—for I want it to be secret, so we are not intercepted—wire you to come on, meet you upon your arrival and take you directly to the mine." The sheep were grazing south. He yearned for the mountains, the desert, the valley of cottonwoods, home and mother, far across this waste of waters, those dear remembered ties of the past that still survived. Following them in succession was a remarkable assortment of animals, evidently, to this old man, admirable stone statues of the creatures he named. Virginia had been there before, and of course the Garden was like an old book to Ethel. It's shore the beautifulest picture of a great wild hoss turned into a stone god. No more." In his amazement the imaginative guide dropped his whip. Thereupon Virginia related as briefly as possible the circumstances connected with her last visit to Padre Mine. Jarvis, if you will give me reasonable assurance that you can prove whether or not this was a crooked deal, I will engage you to investigate." "If the mine is as accessible to me as to your cowboy prospector, I can absolutely give you proof." "Can it be done quickly? " "I can take you there in less than two hours from Las Vegas." "Then half a day will be ample." "Very well. Every day they made a few leisurely miles, keeping to the grass and sage benches, never straying far from the water-courses. Could I support you in luxury on a few cents a day?

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It's a cousin trope to Cursed with Awesome — it can be hard to dredge up sad feelings for a character whose life is in every respect more glamorous (or at very least, more interesting) than the audience members'.Note in this case that the "unintentionally" is an important part of this trope: if the excuse the villain makes is flimsy , it's likely not this trope.

Much of the evidence in age of consent cases tends to be circumstantial.… continue reading »

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The fishermen typically caught mackerel and other residents ate potatoes, assumed to be of low quality by the elite of La Laguna.… continue reading »

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